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  • Legal Rights
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Most clients that hire us are concerned with the debt collectors that are harassing them. They call morning, day, and night. They don't understand that you want to pay the debt but there are some things that are just more important like putting food on the table, paying rent or your mortgage, and having money to pay the electricity. We have to make these decisions sometimes and the debt collectors just don't get it.

When you hire our firm form the first day you sign up with us, you will be provided a card with a script to read when a debt collector calls you: "I have filed bankruptcy. Please call my attorney Walter Benenati at 407-777-7777 regarding settlement. Once the debt collector thinks they may possibly obtain a payment by calling me they will put our info in their system and start calling us. I know what it is like to get these type of harassing phone calls because I too filed bankruptcy. I will help you get a good night sleep and get rid of these calls once and for all. Call 407-777-7777 to set up a FREE consult today. No strings attached. I hope to personally meet with you soon.

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