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Let Your IRS Tax Refund Restart Your Life

The Best Time to File Bankruptcy

In 2009, I was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel on a topic that many people did not know existed. People were surprised to learn many people use their tax refunds to pay for a bankruptcy. You can read about it here: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2009-03-11/news/bankrupt11_1_federal-bankruptcy-personal-bankruptcy-consumer-bankruptcy

If you think about it, it makes sense. Let's say you have about $17,000 of credit card and medical debt. Let's take two married couples:

Married couple (A) are parents of 2 children and are about to receive a $7,000 tax refund check. Most often, people have the best intentions of paying their debt back so they try to pay back a few hundred toward each credit card and maybe even pay one in full. Now all the tax refund money is gone and the family is still in debt for over $10,000. What did that accomplish? The family was unable to use the money for much needed clothing for the kids, dental work, repairs to their roof, etc. and are still in debt.

Married couple (B) are parents of 2 children and are about to receive a $7000 tax refund check. After carefully deciding bankruptcy is the right option for them they pay an attorney $1500 to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Orlando and successfully eliminate all their credit card and medical debt. Since they rent a home, the attorney was able to protect the whole tax refund and they used the money on reasonable and necessary expenses for the family and even had money for a small vacation for the family. Within 6 months after filing bankruptcy they were surprised to receive preapprovals for credit cards and their credit score improved within 12 months.

Most people do not lose anything in bankruptcy except for their debt. In most cases, cars and homes are protected in bankruptcy. If you are receiving a tax refund and you have debt collectors calling and you have bills that cannot get paid, this is your time to try to Restart your Life in 2017. You have waited long enough. You deserve to be debt-free and begin new – fresh – ready to live…debt free. I have been through bankruptcy and personally filed in 2008. Let me help you press the Restart Button in 2017. We look forward to hearing from you. Please go to www.407Bankrupt.com or call 407-BANKRUPT(407-226-5787). We will be ready to help you change your life. Call Now.

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