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Senior Citizens Filing Bankruptcy

It is a common occurrence in my practice. An elderly couple, overwhelmed by credit card debt and dependent on a set income, ask to meet with me for a free bankruptcy consultation. For them, there is no light at the end of their dark, financial tunnel. They feel as if time is running out.

Bankruptcy. Sometimes the last resort is the best resort. There is a light at the end of everyone's tunnel. For example, a retirement pension/401K or IRA cannot be seized in a bankruptcy. Social security is also untouchable, as is a person's home.

Student Loan Nightmare

Many of my clients are having problems paying their student loans. And for good reason – the proliferation of so called "schools" have dotted the landscape. If you are home during the day nearly every TV commercial is from some for profit school trying to earn government financial aid money AT YOUR EXPENSE. Most of these schools eat up your financial aid money and leave you with an "education" that can barely get you a job and saddled with student loan debt. Just because the name has school in the title does not mean it is serving your best interest.

Filing Pro Se (Prose) in Bankruptcy Court in Orlando

I recently spoke to a desk clerk at the bankruptcy court and she told me pro se bankruptcy filings are on the rise. Filing pro se is when you file without a lawyer helping you. Sometimes you pay less to a paralegal to prepare the documents. Sometimes they charge as low as $275. They may advertise in the same places as a lawyer. All too often me and my clients share a wink at the bankruptcy court when we see one of these “pro se” filers getting grilled by the bankruptcy trustee here in Orlando. It is scary.

Bankruptcy Shouldn’t Make You Less Creditworthy

The Federal Housing Administration will allow a bankruptcy debtor to get a mortgage backed by FHA in as little as one year after bankruptcy – if certain minimal criteria are met.

The one year timeframe also applies to short sales and even foreclosures

This is yet another acknowledgment that the “stigma” of bankruptcy has been replaced by the “necessity” of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Court and Sequestration

Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm Helps Clients Understand Effects of Sequestration

It is an uncomfortable feeling to be uncertain about one’s future. For many Americans undergoing the process of filing for bankruptcy, uncertainty is very likely what they will be experiencing for some time to come. Sequestration, or the long-term cuts to different areas of the US Government, is most likely going to cause both court services and the resolution of civil and criminal cases to become delayed and backlogged, creating more stress in an already stressful situation.

Filing for Bankruptcy is No Longer a Stigma

For many years, people have felt that filing for bankruptcy is a last resort before total financial ruin, and as such, was a humiliating process, one to be kept secret or hide from friends and neighbors. But all that is changing. Bankruptcy is no longer something to look down upon, but is a viable, workable option for people who are having trouble making ends meet and paying their debts.


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