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  • Legal Rights
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Claribel R. Padilla

Mrs. Padilla brings a wealth of knowledge to the Benenati Law Firm. She is admitted to the Florida Bar and the New York Bar. Having worked for 15 years drafting and arguing decisions on behalf of Judges in the New York City Civil Court, she spent her time counseling judges on pending litigation matters and engaged in extensive settlement negotiations. Her experience working for the other side puts her in the unique position to advocate on behalf of your side.

Having focused on personal injury litigation in the last 10 years, she strives to analyze and process cases in an expeditious and efficient manner. Why is that important to you? Because the biggest complaint from potential clients is that attorneys take too long to resolve their personal injury cases and there is a lack of communication. That will not happen under our watch. Mrs. Padilla is married with a child and enjoys spending time with her family.

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